AVI Repair Software

AVI Repair Software:

  • Repairs corrupt AVI, XviD and DivX video files which refuse to play
  • Capable of repairing video files recorded using different brands of camcorders
  • Separately repairs audio and video streams and later adjoins them to make playable file
  • Available for both Windows and Mac machines to fix AVI video files
  • This avi repair software has built-in option to preview the repaired files before saving

Repair Corrupt AVI File using AVI Repair Software 

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, which is a multimedia file format launched by Microsoft. AVI file format contains both video and audio data within it and allows synchronous audio with video playback. It is the most popular video file format for saving video calls made with MSN Live Messenger and Skype. However like other system file, AVI video files are also prone to problems like corruption or damage, which eventually making AVI files inaccessible and unplayable. In order to fix corrupt AVI file, you need a proficient file repair program such as AVI repair software. This tool is developed my industry expert’s to repair AVI video files which refuse to play.

AVI repair software is the best tool to fix corrupted, broken or damaged video file in small interval of time. The main benefit of using this tool is that, it allows users to preview the repaired video file before saving it. It has a user friendly interface (GUI) which provides a great help to an amateur user and it has reviewed and evaluated by industry experts.

How AVI Repair Software Can Fix Xvid Video File?

Xvid video file may also get corrupt due to several reasons such as virus infection, sudden power surge, improper system termination, software conflicts, etc. If you are unable to play your Xvid video file due to any of the above listed issue then make use of repair AVI tool. This software repairs your corrupt Xvid file without altering or affecting the original data contained in it. AVI repair software splits the video and audio track of the c-orrupted Xvid file and repairs each stream separately and later on adjoins them. It’s a perfect tool to repair corrupt Xvid files efficiently. The special built in algorithm identifies the cause of Xvid files corruption and fixes it within minutes. For more information on how this software repair Xvid vidoe file, visit this link: http://www.avirepairsoftware.com/fix-xvid-video-file.html

Fix DivX File with AVI Repair Software:

Playing DivX file on any media player has been always enjoyable. However, there are numerous instants due to which DivX file fails to play. Are you going through similar situation and anxious on how you can fix those corrupt DivX files? Then be calm and no need to be concerned regarding your DIVX file, as you can easily fix it by utilizing this software. This AVI repair software is designed with such inbuilt algorithms which separately repair audio and video tracks of DivX file and adjoins them later to makes it healthy playable video.

Most of the times DivX files get corrupt due to virus or malware attack on to the system hard disk drive. Deadly viruses may damage the DIVX data files, just in case antivirus isn't present on your system. Spyware as well as malware invade the actual DivX files to make all of them unplayable. If you are facing any similar situation, then immediately go for AVI repair software to fix your corrupt DIVX file. Keep reading more to fix AVI DivX files.

AVI Repair Software for Mac

AVI is the commonly used file format for saving video files on Mac computers as well. These files are known for their enhanced video clarity. Despite of the fact that AVI are advanced video file formats, they are still vulnerable to logical problems such as corruption or damage. AVI file usually gets corrupt due to incomplete installation of QuickTime player, improper recovery of AVI file, error while converting AVI video file to any other file format, interruption while transferring video file from one device to another, AVI Header file corruption due to malware attack, playing AVI files on incompatible video players, downloading AVI file from unauthorized servers and many others.

To eliminate such error messages and make your AVI file playable again you need to fix it. Though there are many video repair utilities available on the internet, choosing the right one should be your first priority. AVI repair software is a very well built utility which can repair damaged AVI video files on Mac OS X computers running with different versions of operating system. The tool supports repair of AVI files which were unplayable on QuickTime player. Additionally, it allows Mac users to preview repaired AVI file before saving them.

Recent Updates of AVI Repair Software

Repair AVI Video File: Now, it is quite easy to repair corrupted AVI video file with the help of AVI Repair Software in an effective manner. Have a look over this page to know how this tool works for repairing corrupt AVI video files: http://www.avirepairsoftware.com/video-file.html