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How to Fix AVI Video File?

If you are not able to open an AVI file stored on your computer then there is possibility that it has corrupted. There are many things that can result to an AVI file to be corrupted. It could be media player crash, it could be virus or malware attack or it could be result of software failure. AVI files corrupted in such way can be a great headache for you but good thing is that you can repair AVI Video file with the help of AVI Repair Software which is very famous across the world.

Corrupted AVI files create a lot of problem for any user. When you play such AVI files, unknown errors will be displayed. For example an error code 80040154 is shown when there is some problem with the CODEC of AVI file. Apart from this error code 80040154 can also come due to corrupt registry. Registry is place where important data is stored. Over a period of time this registry is filled with data and may be overloaded. In such situation some of its files may get corrupted, if the corrupted one file is holding data of AVI video file then your AVI video becomes unplayable. If you want to fix AVI video file that contains the video of some special moment, and has become corrupted, then it would be best to use AVI Repair Software in order to fix AVI video file. Go to this link for more information regarding AVI file repair process: www.avirepairsoftware.com/repair-corrupt-avi-file.html

Virus infection is another reason which can make your AVI video file corrupted. If there is virus attack to the storage device where your AVI file is residing then chances are very high that such type of virus or malware program will make changes in header file of your AVI video which will lead to its corruption. Abrupt system shutdown, while playing AVI video file or editing, may corrupt the AVI files and can make it unplayable. But using AVI Repair software can fix AVI files within moments. This application doesn’t contain any harmful viruses and malignant programs, thus it’s a safe utility to repair AVI video file.

Round tripping of AVI file also makes it damaged. When you continuously change file format of your AVI video from one to another then possibility of data loss in this process is quite high which eventually results in corruption of your AVI video file. In such case the only way to fix AVI files is to make use of our most popular AVI repair software.

Whatever be the reason of the corruption of your AVI video, this tool is the best utility to repair AVI video file. It has capability to fix any type of corruption issues related to AVI files in just simple and easy steps. It can easily fix DIVX file, an AVI and Xvid file that have become damaged and is not playing on Windows Media Player. Not only to perform AVI video file repair process, you can even use this tool to fix problem of large AVI size files. Once the repair process is over you can easily see the preview of result. You can easily repair AVI files on Mac computer too. To know how it works go here: http://avirepairsoftware.com/repair-avi-file-mac.html. Its graphical rich user interface simplifies the AVI video file repair process by providing step by step guidance.

Steps to repair AVI video file

1: In order to fix AVI video file download and Install AVI repair software on your system. Once you launch, main window will appear as shown in Picture 1. Click on Browse button to select the corrupted AVI file.

Repair AVI Video File - Main Window

Picture 1: Main Window

2: After selecting the AVI file, Repair button will be enabled as shown in Picture 2. Click on the "Repair" button to proceed with AVI video file repair process.

Repair AVI Video File - Repair File

Picture 2: Repair File

3: After completion of scanning and repair process, you will see preview of repaired AVI file as shown in Picture 3. You can save it on your system by selecting Save button.

Repair AVI Video File - Preview AVI File

Picture 3: Preview AVI File