AVI Repair Software

Fix your DivX Video File

Think of a situation that one of your important DivX video file says I won’t be able to play anymore. Try however you want and in all the video players you have, no result. If you caught in such a situation, what will you do apart from the throwing the DivX file out of the machine?? Do you have any idea?? If not here is a complete guide for how to deal with unplayable DivX file. Nothing much, somehow your DivX movie file is damaged and the only solution to which is you need to fix the file. You might be wondering of how to fix a corrupted DivX file. There is a best possible way, i.e. using avi file repair tool. With no effort, you can fix DivX file at your own.

DivX, a brand named for products created by DivX Inc. DivX file is one of the popular video file format released by DivX Inc. In some worst scenarios, DivX files goes unplayable due to some technical glitches. In such instance, without any more delay and research, go for AVI repair software. Most preferred video file repair tool designed to fix DivX, avi and xvid files. Within short time, you can make dead DivX file as playable video file. After all it needs only few simple mouse clicks from user end for repairing unplayable DivX files and rest of the things are fully automated. With this software, you can easily mend corrupted avi file, DivX file and xvid video files at your fingertips.

DivX file go unplayable for host of reasons. Few common reasons are virus infection, crash of DivX player while playing the video file, erroneous file system recovery, hard drive failure, abnormal termination DivX files synchronization process and downloading infected file. At times you find the file as unplayable, lookout for its backup copy. If you don’t have backup, the only option left is repairing it with AVI repair software. So proceed to get the software. With its advanced video file repair algorithm, you can repair DivX files, fix xvid video file and avi files. All you need to perform is few simple mouse clicks.

Repairing unplayable DivX file has become complete simple with AVI repair software. It is an easy to use and efficient video file repair tool designed for both Windows and Mac computers. It splits the audio and video stream of DivX file, fixes the broken or damaged part, and rejoins the file. Using this software, you can effortlessly repair DivX file, xvid video files and fix corrupted avi file on Mac. What else you are waiting for. Go ahead and get the demo version of the software to evaluate the application prior to purchase.

Easy steps to fix DivX file:

1: Fire up the installed demo version of AVI repair software. Home window will pop up as shown in Fig A. By clicking on Browse button load the unplayable DivX file.

Fix DivX File - Home Window

Fig A: Home Window

2: Post loading the file, you will get an enabled Repair button as shown in Fig B. Click on repair button.

Fix DivX File - Select Repair

Fig B: Select Repair

3: Software starts repairing the DivX file. Upon completion, you will be facilitated to preview or save the file as shown in Fig C.

Fix DivX File - Preview DivX File

Fig C: Preview DivX File

4: Preview the repaired file. If you are well satisfied, buy the software to save the healthy playable DivX file.