AVI Repair Software

Fixing Xvid Video Files

If you experience an error while playing an Xvid video file or if the file refuses to play, what will be your next step?? Are you going to throw the file out and download the file again?? If yes, isn’t it a foolish thing. Don’t you feel like you have chosen a hectic option? Remember apart from repeating the same hectic task, why can’t you get your unplayable Xvid video file repaired. Few people wonder upon hearing the option, but it is possible. You can fix corrupt Xvid video file at your own. Usually with the help of Xvid player or any other video player, it is not possible. For which, you need reliable avi video file repair program. With its assistance, you can easily turn dead Xvid file into playable video file.

Xvid is a popular video codec following MPEG standards. Corruption of Xvid files is very rare, but sometimes due to some logical conflicts, an important Xvid video file may get corrupt. In such instance, rather than throwing the file out, make use of AVI repair software. An application exclusively designed to fix DivX file, Xvid and avi video files with ease. Install the software and admit to access the file. With no time, it will repair Xvid file for you. By scanning the damaged file, it separates the audio and video stream, repairs it side by side and adjoins them to make a playable Xvid video file. If you want to know more about how to repair AVI files then have a look over this link: https://www.avirepairsoftware.com/video-file.html

Up to now, we had been through possibilities of unplayable Xvid video file repair. Let us see the reasons which are responsible for Xvid file not to play. Numerous reasons are there for, and few common among them are listed here.

  • First and foremost is virus infection
  • Software malfunctioning
  • Xvid video player crash due to power surge
  • Erroneous Xvid video file synchronization
  • Abrupt removal of external drive having Xvid files
  • Files may corrupt while recovering file system
  • Xvid video file recovery may leave the file corrupt

Now, proceed with how to fix Xvid video file using AVI repair software. Quite simple, nothing much to do. All it expects a few simple mouse clicks. As it is simple and easy to use video file repair tool, you will never face complications at Xvid video file repair. With no effort, you can repair corrupt avi movie file, Xvid video file and DivX files. Click here to get more information about fixing corrupt avi files. Employing this software, one can easily repair Xvid files kept in hard drive, memory card, USB drive, external hard drive and smart phones. And the application is available for both Windows and Macintosh machines. So you can fix avi file on Mac or Xvid file on Windows. To know more information about this, visit https://www.avirepairsoftware.com/repair-avi-file-mac.html.

Steps to fix Xvid video file:

1: Get the demo version of AVI repair software and install. Launch the installed application to explore home window as shown in Figure 1. Choose the Xvid video file by clicking on Browse button.

Fix XVID Video File - Home Window

Figure 1: Home Window

2: Post loading the path of Xvid file, repair button will enable for you as shown in Figure 2. Click on the greenish Repair button to proceed.

Fix XVID Video File - Click Repair

Figure 2: Click Repair

3: Software will start repairing Xvid file. Soon after completion you will be offered either to save or preview the file as shown in Figure 3.

Fix XVID Video File - Preview XVID File

Figure 3: Preview XVID File

4: Preview the file to evaluate the results. If you are happy, then buy the application to save repaired Xvid file.