AVI Repair Software

Repair Corrupt AVI File

At times when a favorite avi video file says I cannot play, it is terrible to see the file dead. People believe that the file is almost gone and few individuals move the file to recycle or trash bin. And if you are one among them who have a corrupt avi video file, what will you do?? Same as others like throwing the file out of the computer?? How foolish?? Think of something else, there will come to know that even a corrupt avi file can be repaired. Shocking!!!! Yes, you can fix corrupt avi video file at your fingertips. Usually with the help of avi video player, it is not possible, but using reliable avi video repair tool it is very simple.

Generally avi is the most preferred video file format for both movies and other video documents. At some worst moment, due to some technical glitch, an avi movie file may get corrupt. In such instance, instead of throwing the file out of the drive repair it using AVI repair software. Specialized video repair software designed for both Windows and Mac machines to fix damaged avi file. With the input of few simple mouse clicks, it turns the dead avi file as healthy video file. Apart from avi, it also helps to fix DivX video file and unplayable xvid video file with ease. Learn about DivX file repair over here .

So far we came to know about the possible best approach to repair corrupt avi file, but how does an avi video file get corrupt?? What the reasons behind avi movie file corruption? They are numerous and few common among them are listed here.

  • Stored video file getting infected by some virus
  • Corruption of video file due to action of third party applications
  • Interruptions while syncing avi video file
  • Crashing of avi video player due to sudden system reboot
  • CRC errors while downloading avi file

In spite of how avi video file corrupt, AVI repair software will help to fix the damaged file. It scans the complete video file, splits the audio and video stream, repairs them side by side, and finally rejoins them to make a healthy playable video file. As it is an automated video file repair tool, you will never face complications to fix Xvid video file, avi file and DivX file.

AVI repair software is primarily designed to repair avi, DivX and xvid video files on Windows as well as Mac machines. Simple user interface and powerful video file repair algorithms turns it as a best avi video repair tool. Employing this tool, you can effortlessly repair corrupt AVI file on Mac OS X machine and Windows based computers. It is capable of repairing avi files kept in hard drive, memory cards, external drive and USB flash drives.

Simple steps to repair corrupt avi file:

1: Install and launch the demo version of AVI repair software. Welcome window will appear as shown in Picture 1. Click on Browse button to select the corrupted avi file.

Repair Corrupt AVI File - Main Window

Picture 1: Main Window

2: After selecting the avi file, Repair button will be enabled as shown in Picture 2. Click on the enabled Repair button to proceed with corrupt avi file repair.

Repair Corrupt AVI File - Repair File

Picture 2: Repair File

3: Soon after completion of scanning and repair process, you will be opted either to preview or to save repaired avi file as shown in Picture 3.

Repair Corrupt AVI File - Preview AVI File

Picture 3: Preview AVI File

4: Using Preview option to evaluate the results. If you are happy, then buy the software to save the repaired file.